Выплата по страховому случаю

В условиях современного общества страхование превратилось во всеобщее универсальное средство защиты всех форм собственности, доходов, рисков и других интересов предприятий, организаций, частных лиц.
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Выплата по страховому случаю

Сообщение Валера » Ср фев 18, 2009 4:20 pm

Машину застраховал. Попал в ДТП. После ДТП оформил все необходимые документы. Отвез счет в страховую компанию. Компания затянула с проплатой. Через 2 месяца отвез повторный счет с разницой от первого счета в 300 гривен. Страховая оплатила по первому счету. Когда поехал за машиной на СТО, узнал что нужно доплатить эти 300 гривен, доплатил из своего кармана. Теперь Страховая отказывается возмещать эти деньги ссылаясь на то, что они свои обязательсва выполнили и оплатити счет, поступивший на момент ДТО, а СТО ссылается на страховую, так как они проплатили по старому счету, калькуляцию ремонта предоставили по второму счету и страховая не имела прав закрывать первый счет без калькуляции. На кого подать в суд или меня обманули с обеих сторон?


entered menopause

Сообщение Iuyioo733 » Сб фев 21, 2009 6:20 pm

Everyone loves a pretty face - except those women who might see it as a threat. With eyes on the competition, women of childbearing age rate other attractive women consistently lower than women who have entered menopause, according to a new study.

"It's almost as if they're putting down other attractive women," says Benedict Jones, a psychologist at Aberdeen University, UK, who led the study of 97 middle-aged women.
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Numerous studies have looked at how fertility affects women's preferences for men's faces, bodies, voices, and even sweaty shirts. Yet few researchers have flipped the coin to examine how fertility changes competition for mates within sexes, says Jones.
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He and his colleagues showed pre- and post-menopausal women pictures of men and women, digitally manipulated to make them more masculine or more feminine looking. Their software systematically enhances male features such as a wide jaw and heavy brow or female attributes such as wider eyes and more arched eyebrows.
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"It's not going into Photoshop and mucking about to make the jaw a few pixels wider and the eyes a few pixels bigger," he says.

The women, who ranged between 40 and 64 years of age, then picked between the masculinised and feminised versions of 40 males and females.
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No matter their menopausal status, women favoured masculine-looking men. Yet when rating other women, women still able to have children rated feminine faces as slightly less attractive than menopausal women.
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Competition between fertile women seems like the best explanation, Jones says. "It's quite well established that as women go through menopause they shift from a mating-oriented mindset to more family-oriented mindset," he says.

"I think it's a good first step," says Mark Prokosch, an evolutionary psychologist at Elon University in North Carolina.

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feedback and redesign

Сообщение Qiuene96 » Пн фев 23, 2009 3:26 pm

From its humble beginnings as a part time Business for two college students in Utah, ICON

health and Fitness has grown into one of the world's largest manufacturers of fitness

equipment. The company's credentials are impressive: 4000 employees in 11 locations around

the world, nearly 200 patents, ISO 9001 certified and a portfolio of some of the best known

brands in the fitness industry. Among this stable of brands are some of the best-selling

elliptical trainers in the world -- Weslo, ProForm, NordicTrack, and Reebok.

It's no wonder these ellipticals sell

so well. They retail from $200 - $900 with an average purchase price of around $400. They

boast features usually found on higher-end elliptical trainers such as heart rate monitors,

several built-in exercise programs, built-in cooling fans, motorized resistance settings,

and iFit.com technology.

The vast majority of consumers in the market for a Home elliptical trainer balk at spending

more than $500 for a machine. An elliptical trainer from ICON health and Fitness for $400

seems like a no-brainer, wow power

but before you whip out your credit card, you may want to take a peek under

the covers.

*The Sears Alliance -- I believe that the biggest factor that makes elliptical trainers from

ICON health and Fitness such big sellers is that Sears carries them. Sears is very well

associated with affordable products such as tools, entertainment equipment, and appliances.

They also have a good reputation for service. Just don't expect the sales person in the

sporting goods department to give you the facts about product returns with ICON ellipticals.

I've tried, but who can blame them. It's their job to sell product.

If you do decide to purchase an ICON elliptical trainer then you're probably better off

purchasing it from Sears. Sears wow power

seems to be pretty good about making exchanges if you have problems during

the 90-day warranty period. In some cases, they may just refund your money, but your mileage

may vary here so don't count on it. After the 90-day warranty expires then you'll have to

deal directly with ICON. Based on reviewers at Epinions.com this tends to be a frustrating

and unsatisfying process.

*The 90-Day Warranty Says It All -- If a fitness equipment manufacturer isn't willing to

stand behind their product for more than 90-days, then that should be a big honking red

flag! Again, take a look at some of the reviews at Epinions.com and see when these

ellipticals start breaking down. In many cases, it's before the end of the 90-day warranty


*Consumers Speak Out at wow power leveling, archlord gold, wow gold

Epinions.com -- If you haven't checked out product reviews at Epinions.com, you really owe

it to yourself to have a look. Just about all of the elliptical trainers from ICON are

reviewed here. Real consumers write the reviews and some go into great detail about every

aspect of their experience.

In some cases the reviewers describe their on-going experiences with product returns and the

Customer Service department. Do yourself a huge favor and read every one of these reviews if

you're considering one of these ellipticals.

*Elliptical Trainer Reviews That buy archlord

Don't Review Anything -- Unfortunately many of the elliptical trainer reviews

sites on the Internet give glowing reviews to every elliptical trainer they advertise. When

I see rave reviews of any ICON elliptical trainer on these sites I know to not trust any of

their elliptical trainer reviews.

My hope is that ICON will eventually begin listening to customer feedback and redesign their

elliptical trainers to correct the most glaring weaknesses. Extending the parts and labor

warranty from 90-days to a full year would go a long way towards demonstrating their

commitment to both their products as well as to their customers.


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