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Был застрахован автомобиль? Как узнать?

Добавлено: Пт ноя 14, 2008 6:06 pm
Сын погиб в ДПТ. Ездил на временных (красных) номерах. Была ли у него страховка на автомобиль- мне неизвестно.

Возможно, существует база застрахованных автомобилей (по Украине)?
КАК узнать и ГДЕ узнать?

Добавлено: Пн дек 22, 2008 12:31 pm
О какой страховке идет речь? Гражданской ответственности (ГО) или КАСКО (автомобиля). В случае ГО, может страховаться как автомобиль, так и водитель непосредственно. Гда авто снимался с учета?, можно поинтересоваться по месту последней регистрации, про прохожденеии ТО требуют страхование ГО (может там будут какие-то данные). Об всеукраинской базе не слышал.

I deserve to be treated better

Добавлено: Чт мар 05, 2009 2:29 am
"Well, you're not keeping your end of the bargain," I blurted out nearly in tears. It was really frightening for a 9-year-old boy to confront a grownup.
"You said that you would teach me if I worked for you. Well, I've worked for you. I've worked hard. I've given up my baseball games to work for you. And you don't keep your word. You haven't taught me anything. You are a crook like everyone in town thinks you are. You're greedy. You want all the money and don't take care of your employees. You make me wait and don't show me any respect. I'm only a little boy, and I deserve to be treated better."
Rich dad rocked back in his swivel chair, hands up to his chin, somewhat staring at me. It was like he was studying me.
"Not bad," he said. "In less than a month, you sound like most of my employees."
"What?" I asked. Not understanding what he was saying, I continued with my grievance. "I thought you were going to keep your end of the bargain and teach me. Instead you want to torture me? That's cruel. That's really cruel."
"I am teaching you," rich dad said quietly."And you don't?" I asked.
"No, not really," said rich dad. "If you want to learn to work for money, then stay in school. That is a great place to learn to do that. But if you want to learn how to have money work for you, then I will teach you that wow power leveling. But only if you want to learn."
"Wouldn't everyone want to learn that" I asked.
"No," said rich dad. "Simply because it's easier to learn to work for money, especially if fear is your primary emotion when the subject of money is discussed.wow gold"
"I don't understand," I said with a frown. buy wow gold for cheap ...
"Don't worry about that for now. Just know that it's fear that keeps most people working at a job. The fear of not paying their bills.wow gold, The fear of being fired.wow gold, The fear of not having enough money. The fear of
starting over. That's the price of studying to learn a profession or trade, and then working for money. Most people become a slave to money... that is wow power leveling web page for cheap wow power leveling, and then get angry at their boss."
"Learning to have money work for you is a completely different course of study?" I asked.
"Absolutely," rich dad answered, "absolutely."
"What have you taught me? Nothing!" I said angrily. "You haven't even talked to me once since I agreed to work for peanuts. Ten cents an hour. Hah! I should notify the government about you.
We have child labor laws, you know. My dad works for the government, you know."
"Wow!" said rich dad. "Now you sound just like most of the people who used to work for me. People I've either fired or they've quit."
"So what do you have to say?" I demanded, feeling pretty brave for a little kid. "You lied to me. I've worked for you, and you have not kept your word. You haven't taught me anything."